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Marianova Bolgheri Superiore doc

Marianova Bolgheri Superiore doc

Marianova was born as the first experience of the second generation Satta, a blend in equal parts of the best Syrah and Sangiovese grapes.

In the Vignanova vineyard I collect the grapes that have most marked my experience in Bolgheri, assembling an unprecedented blend for this area: Marianova is the first Bolgheri Superiore that does not have any Bordeaux grapes in the blend.

Through Syrah and Sangiovese we want to express all the brightness and harmony of this Mediterranean place, which can give wines of very rare depth and complexity, avoiding to rely on concentration and stratification.

First vintage: 2015

Grape varieties: Syrah, Sangiovese

Vineyards: Vignanova

Vinification: Vinified in wooden barrels, malolactic fermentation in barriques then refined for 18 months in 750-liter amphorae.