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Syrah Toscana igt

Syrah Toscana igt

In 1991 I planted the first vineyard of Syrah. The choice of Syrah stemmed from the will to represent to the maximum the own aromatic complexity of our Mediterranean terroir, as well as to realize a personal identification with some great wines from the Rhone.
Knowing that the average age of the vineyards would need to be of at least over 15 years, I patiently awaited their sojourn, in order to bring out to the maximum each and every characteristic of this inexhaustible grape.

Grapes are harvested at full maturation, maceration and fermentation take place in big wooden barrels with the cap of the wine pushed down by hand several times per day and open pumping over procedures for about 20 days. Following the drawing off, the wine goes into barriques, 1/3 of first passage, where the wine rests for 18 months. It is ready to be enjoyed starting as of March.

Grape varieties: Syrah 100%

Harvest period: mid September

Vineyards: Vignanova

Vinification: the harvested and selected grapes ferment in oak barrels of 30 hl. Yeasts are exclusively indigenous. Only manual submersions of the cap of the wine are carried out and an open pumping procedure only if necessary. Great attention, is placed on the time of harvest and to the duration of maceration to extract in a balanced way soft tannins and enhance the aromatic richness of this grape. After its malolactic fermentation normally held in November the wine goes into barriques.

Fining: 18 months in barriques of second, third and fourth passage. At least one year in bottle.

Longevity: 20 years